The winter experience

Situated on Scotland’s west coast, the Isle of Skye is known for its wild weather. We worked with Harlosh to showcase their two architect-designed holiday homes during the winter.

We designed the Winter Experience — an explorable piece of editorial content to reveal the Isle of Skye in all conditions. Wet, windy and cold outside, the two houses offer warmth with an inviting space to relax in.

The Winter Experience on iPad

The Winter Experience expands on each of the house pages with a narrative of images that reveals the house in the landscape and the details that make each space unique.

The Winter Experience on iPhone

Met Office data was utilised to create a simple information piece as part of the content for both houses, giving a realistic feel for the temperatures during the winter on Skye.

The Winter Experience on iPad

Harlosh commissioned Richard Gaston to capture the houses whilst we designed the digital experience. We then worked with Official Business for the website development and the core Harlosh website.

The Winter Experience photography by Richard Gaston
The Winter Experience photography by Richard Gaston

As a takeaway for guests, a set of postcards were produced using the Winter photography.

Explore the Winter Experience at Black h and Wood h:

The Winter Experience photography postcards

Client: Harlosh

Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Project scope: Digital design, Website design, Print design

Website development: Official Business

Photography: Richard Gaston

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